Vision, Mission and Purpose

Our Vision: South Sudanese Communities living Christ-centred lives.

Our Mission: To evangelize, transform and empower South Sudanese Communities to live Christ-centred lives.


Our purposes are exclusively for the evangelization and the teaching of the Gospel through music, dance and drama; public seminars; and lectures as set forth in our Objectives and reflected in our Statement of Faith. In pursuing such purposes, we shall not act so as to impair our eligibility as a faith-based organization in South Sudan.


Our objectives are:

  • To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all people beginning in South Sudan to the  ends of the world;
  • To teach our members and believers the word of God as written in the Holy Scriptures;
  • To establish, Christian Centres and  music training schools in South Sudan and in all areas of our operations;
  • To advocate for abstinence from sex till marriage, and remaining faithful in marriage as a tool of fighting and eliminating HIV/AIDS in South Sudan and in all areas of our operations.
  • To advocate for and engage in large food production as means of eliminating hunger as well as maintaining food security.
  • To take care of orphaned children in South Sudan and other areas of our operations;
  • To undertake poverty eradication and poverty elimination programmes in South Sudan and all other areas of our operations;
  • To raise funds from donors and well-wishers towards the attainment of our objectives and goals;
  • To enter into partnership or a joint venture with any person towards achieving the goals and objectives of the Ministries.
  • To engage in and participate in any undertaking that is incidental and conducive for the attainment of our objectives.