Latest News

  • Faith Line Ministries' End of year Concert 2016

    In spite of the insecurity in the area in Yei, on 26th, 27th, and 28th December, thousands of people turned up to celebrabe the goodness of God and His protection in the midst of difficult times. FLM is bringing hope to the IDPs and residents of Yei Town. To God be the glory.

  • We are now Registered in Uganda

    We thank God for the expansion of our ministry into Uganda. Our Ministry is registered in Uganda under the name FAITH AID INITIATIVE FOR HUMANITY LTD (F.A.I.T.H). We will mainly work among the South Sudanese refugees. 

  • Faith Line Ministries End of Year Concert 2015

    Thousands of Yei Residents turned up to listen to the Word of God on 26th December 2015. The event took place at St. Philip ZAMBA Church Yei. Many people gave their lives to Christ. Many were also prayed for.



    Faith Line Ministries with funds from ICCO COOPERATION as just completed training 43 single mothers in Tailoring and Hairdressing skills in Yei, South Sudan. This project has helped the women to improve their livelihood and the one of their children.

  • FLM Office Block

    FLM Office Block

    This Building is our Office block. We have just rented it to facilitate our activities. We are trusting God for furnitures to officially open it.

  • WES Crusades

    WES Crusades

    Our 9 days crusade in WES was a great succcess. We pray for the seed planted that the churches there will surely water it.

  • Success story

    We thank God for a successful year 2013. Great crusades, in three towns. Big end of year concert on 26/12/2013 that brought over 10,000 people together to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We looking for much in 2014.

    To God be the glory.

  • Great crusades and the outpouring of the power of God in Kaya and Morobo

    We had two crusades in Kaya on 21st and 22nd August with 1000s of people (Men, Women and Children) turned up to listen to the Word of God. Hundreds of the people who attended the crusades gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We saw the power of God in action among the people in a might way. Many were delivered and healed as our team prayed on them. Many (Men & Women) possessed by demons were delivered by the power of the name of Jesus Christ causing many people to believe and trust in the only true God and His son Jesus Christ.

  • FLM Annual Plan

    FLM has come up with an annual plan for crusades, leadership trainings, events etc. We will be in Yambio, Kaya, Wonduruba, and Kajo-kaji. We will also organize events here in Yei on child protection and more.
  • Encouraging text message from Bor South Sudan

    This what we received this morning by SMS text message from Bor South Sudan. "Thanks for  your Faith Line Ministries for providing us with  nice contents of the Bible for everyone to know his/her turning point in Christ. yours brother in Bor."

    We have withheld the ID (Name & telephone number).

    God bless you.