Welcome to Faith Line Ministries

Faith Line Ministries (FLM) is a Non-denominational Faith-Based Organisation. Faith Line Ministries is registered with the Bureau of Religious Affairs Republic of South Sudan.

FLM started as a music band known as Mbaraza Gospel Band in 2005. The ministry has touched many people with the word of God through music concerts, Church visitation, outreach and evangelism.

Realising the needs in our nation (South Sudan), we know that the Church alone cannot address them all. Faith Line Ministries exists to be the arm of the Church to reach the people of South Sudan with the word of God in an holistic manner.

Faith Line Ministries does not operate as a Church but a means to strengthen the Church through trainings, crusades, Christian Radio broadcasting and other programs.

Faith Line Ministries also carries out humanitarian activities to address the physical needs of the people it seeks for serve. These include health awareness campaigns and poverty eradication, life skills and food security.